Her Universe debuts quote tees for Valentine’s Day

Star Wars quote tee

Her Universe is offering three variations on the quote theme for Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who fans.

13 thoughts on “Her Universe debuts quote tees for Valentine’s Day

  1. Bianca Christine

    I WISH it wasn’t just text — it’s so “blah” looking. Sorry Ashley – no win on this design.

  2. eliz

    I love the Star Wars and the Doctor Who versions! Just wish there was more options on the size. Yes, it goes up to a 3x, but when a 3x is a typical L in other brands…

    Still, love HU and do love when there are styles offered in true plus sizes. And I love the earrings and other items offered. Ashley and crew do a great job, have great designs, and I hope they are around for a very long time!

  3. Annalee

    I’d really love to see these designs as greeting cards instead of tee shirts–they’d be awesome for valentine’s day.

  4. Annalee

    Sorry, I should say “as well as tee shirts.” Nothing against the shirts, I just think they’d make great cards.

  5. jawajames

    I’m going to try some of these lines out and see if they work better than Anakin’s “Are you an angel?” pick up line. Except that my wife doesn’t think fezzes or stetsons are cool even though the Doctor asserts otherwise.

  6. Anna

    I saw the title and got all excited that it was going to be actual quotes instead of whatever this is supposed to be.

    I wish Her Universe would branch out and stop trying to just make things that are traditionally feminine.

  7. Anna

    Shockingly, Bryan, what women wear has nothing to do with you. And no, what we wear is not an invitation to ogle us or claim ownership of our bodies.

  8. Bryan Young

    Shockingly, Anna, it doesn’t seem as though you can take a joke. But, I don’t care if you’re male or female, if you wear a shirt with that much text on it, it’s a license for people to read it.

  9. Stephen

    At risk of inserting myself into someone else’s war, I took Bryan’s comment as a joke. That’s a crazy amount of text to wear on your torso. Man or woman.

    Also, “Torso Text” would be a great name for a rockband.

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