So the monster is the Force?

An Entertainment Weekly article on Lost’s Desmond compares the show’s latest season to The Empire Strikes Back on page 4. Spoilers through last week’s The Constant, plus speculation for tonight and beyond.

One thought on “So the monster is the Force?

  1. jawajames

    Top 5 ways in which Lost Season 4 is might be like ESB:

    5. Polar bear returns to grab Sayyid, who chops off its arm.

    4. The ship, clearly an analog for Cloud City, – it already has a junk pile (radio room) and a landing platform, also has a carbon-freezing chamber.

    3. Hurley collapses in the wilds, and sees Ben and starts hallucinating about having to go to the Dagobah system.

    2. Leaving the island, Frank pilots the helicopter straight through an asteroid field, where the odds of survival are 3,720 to 1.

    1. After Jack gets injured, he shares an awkward kiss with Claire in the medlab.. dude, she’s your sister! ewww!

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