Resisting the inevitable ‘leaf on the wind’ joke

IMAGE: Vincent :(New York Magazine’s Vulture blog counts down ten beloved characters who didn’t deserve to die. Wash’s Serenity is the only real genre character on the list, but Samuel L. Jackson’s hilarious end in Deep Blue Sea and Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction are also contenders.

With that in mind, what sudden character death (outside of Star Wars) still haunts you? (Seriously, if you post any Legacy of the Force spoilers in this thread, I will cut you. Okay, maybe not. Just delete them. But I’m sure there’s a sidebar poll in this about six months down the line.)

4 thoughts on “Resisting the inevitable ‘leaf on the wind’ joke

  1. Jax

    I’m still mourning Nick’s death in “The Stand” by Stephen King. And Walter’s death in “Rilla of Ingleside” by L.M. Montgomery. And while “Miss Potter” was ridiculously boring, the death of Ewan McGregor’s character, Norman, broke my heart to pieces.

    I hate it when vulnerable males die, obviously.

  2. jawajames

    Wash. when i saw a preview screening of the movie, i was in shock for about 3 days. and couldn’t talk to anyone about it (except whitney, rogue and caitlin, who were also at the screening) for several months.

    “Hey they’re sending us free lumber!” — Fozzie as Wash.


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