Video du jour: Kimmel shows Hayden fan art

Oh my god… Okay, I can say as someone who has searched for ‘Anakin Skywalker’ on DeviantArt that most of Kimmel’s choices are fairly tame. But you may recognize one of them.

(Note: If/when this gets killed off Youtube by copyright, the whole show is up here.)

6 thoughts on “Video du jour: Kimmel shows Hayden fan art

  1. hollywdliz

    AHAHAHAHA. That totally made my day. Sure, it’s no “EAT SHIT, JESSICA, IT’S CARROT!” — but really, what is?

  2. Jessica

    The “I don’t have a computer” quote reminded me of Cassie Claire… I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until a crazy fangirl/astral wife sends him one.

  3. Dunc

    Well, hopefully they realize that Hayden can actually afford his own computer, because I fear what fangirls would pre-load on it.

  4. Amiry

    Hello, I’m the artist of fan art #2. I had no idea you guys had covered my work before. LOL. Just popping in to say hello and thanks.

  5. Dunc

    Heh. No problem.

    I do ask folks now before putting their art up, after one person reacted… badly. So at least they know. ;)

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