Fanicide: Know the signs

io9 looks at the warning signs that fans are influencing canon too much. Several key points are made, and having seen most of them throughout the duration I can only throw in a hearty ‘Word.’ Remember, kids: No one else cares about Kyle Katarn. Cherish your subplots when you can.

2 thoughts on “Fanicide: Know the signs

  1. Jax

    Those are great points, a great reminder for many of us to chill out a bit with demands. Even me. *stuffs cries for more Obi-Wan in a box* >.>

  2. Kelly

    I’m not sure I totally agree on the shipper point. I think that ships more often kill a show when they wait too LONG to come together or are kept apart in totally unbelievable ways. I thought Joss Whedon handled them best, never dragging out the UST to points that were just beyond belief. Hell, even Kim Possible, a show for KIDS, managed to resolve the ship in a believable way without killing the show. The XF big shark-jumping wasn’t Mulder and Scully kissing. It was that they had no flippin clue what to do with them AFTERWARDS.

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