More Love For Today

IMAGEHere’s yet another addition in the lists o’ love to celebrate Valentine’s Day – Entertainment Weekly has posted their list of Pop Culture’s Best Couples: 26 True (Fictional) Lovers. Included are Han and Leia (#4), Ron and Hermione (#8), and Aragorn and Arwen (#13). They have even included Apollo and the Midnighter from The Authority (#17). I do have to take issue with Buffy and Angel (#6). Buffy and ANGEL? Ick. Now Buffy and Spike, that’s more like it.

3 thoughts on “More Love For Today

  1. Dunc

    Buffy and Angel are vomit-tastic in the way of shmoopy teen lovers everywhere – it was perfect angst. Disgusting and far too schmoopy for my tastes, but it worked. Buffy and Spike were just screwed up, full stop. More interesting, but I still can’t see that as some kind of example to hold up.

    I think I would have to go for Angel and Spike. They were both better together than either ever was with Buffy, in that borderline slashy buddy cop kind of way.


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