Clone Wars announcement: Aftermath, day 2

The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily Telegraph and Rueters all weigh in this morning. And by ‘weigh in’ I mean ‘report the basics.’ Oh well. Word is word!

And Hayden Christensen told MTV he’s be willing to pitch in as Anakin again.

Over on Livejournal the Clone Wars community continues to grow, already providing icons for a growing fanbase.

4 thoughts on “Clone Wars announcement: Aftermath, day 2

  1. Pabawan

    About the voice work stories regarding Sam and Hayden. This same thing happened with Frank Oz. What do you expect an actor to say in a situation like this?

    Q: Hey, would you want to do the voice in a cartoon?

    A: Huh? What? Oh, sure. Yeah. Whatever.

    The question that’s never asked, of course, is, “Hey would you want to do the voice in the cartoon for what TV voice-acting pays?


  2. Jax

    I’m loving how it’s all over the news, but then I shouldn’t expect anything less.

    (Thanks for the swclonewars plug.)

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