George Lucas plans to put Lucasfilm’s $4B purchase price towards education

A spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporter that George Lucas plans to put most of the money he received from Disney – $4.05 billion dollars – towards “a foundation which will primarily focus on educational issues.”

This could mean a new foundation, but Lucas is already the chairman of Edutopia, a organization that fosters innovation in schools, part of The George Lucas Educational Foundation. He’s used the Foundation to make donations to various philanthropic causes in the past, including a record-breaking $175 million to USC in 2006. In 2010, Lucas was among the first to sign the Giving Pledge, vowing to give away at least half his wealth to charitable causes.

7 thoughts on “George Lucas plans to put Lucasfilm’s $4B purchase price towards education

  1. YubNub

    You may love or hate his creative decisions. But it’s hard to dispute that George Lucas, above all, is just a good guy.

  2. MattDoc

    This should (but won’t) shut up people who are calling this a sell out and always give George crap for trying to take all of our money.
    Well done, Mr. Lucas.

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