Report: Episode 7 to be “original story”

Stop compiling those exhaustive lists of your favorite Star Wars books: A Lucasfilm source tells EOnline’s Leslie Gornstein that Episode 7 will be “an original story.” Gornstein goes on to say that “Episode 7 will literally be nothing you’ve ever seen or read before from the Star Wars universe.” Not surprised. Not surprised in the least…

14 thoughts on “Report: Episode 7 to be “original story”

  1. sean

    I thought so. I’m calling it now:

    “2000 years have elapsed since the fall of the Empire at the hands of LUKE SKYWALKER, last of the warriors of peace known as the Jedi. The NEW REPUBLIC now rests in a time of peace, watched over by the NEW JEDI ORDER. But an dark force waits on the edge of the galaxy, bent on revenge for ancient wrongs, waiting for the right time to strike.”

    The characters will be descendents of the Skywalkers and Solos, and there will be a new Fett, and probably Luke’s ghost will show up from time to time.

  2. Aaron

    As long as it isn’t about Boba Fett, clones, gratuitous super weapons and/or a Darth Maul type Sith hype, I’m fairly open to whatever they are doing. Unless they screw up, in which case I will throw my popcorn at the screen and start some rant. ;)

  3. Iari

    This *could* again be very positive if they choose a scenario like sean’s above. I love the 2000 years on idea (or 2000 years before, for that matter). If they’re doing this *within* our universe, then, well…

    I tend to be on the hardcore end of continuity. If fans are investing oodles of time, money, allegiance etc to these stories, there should be enough creativity and originality in the world not to throw a hand grenade into what authors have established and fans love. It’s a respect issue in my eyes.

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  5. sean

    Cinematic storytelling and novel storytelling are very different beasts. You’ve got to fit a whole story, with all its dramatic nuances into two hours, whereas in a book series the sky’s the limit. I like the EU, but an alternate cinema universe is fine by me. It may be the only way to make a good film.

  6. Bardan Jussick

    This could be an entirely good thing. What if the film didn’t live up to Heir to Empire anyway? That would be a disaster!

    If anything the EU has shown that there’s always room for a new story to be fitted into the timeline. There’s no reason we can’t have something that slots in nicely.

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