Trailer: Star Wars Detours

The Seth Green comedy show, ladies and gents. Two more clips under the cut.

4 thoughts on “Trailer: Star Wars Detours

  1. Sean

    Parody isn’t very funny when it’s self parody, especially market researched self-parody. When is this bubble going to burst? It feels like the .com days all over again. No one can stomach this forever. I feel like Star Wars fans and creators alike are driving Star Wars into the ground.

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  3. Annalee

    Well, that’s a little disappointing. Han, Lando, Obi Wan, Vader, Palps, et al get jokes about Star Wars. Leia gets jokes about how girls are catty, shallow bitches. How terribly original. No one’s thought of that before.

    Seriously, reducing the only significant female character in the OT to a demeaning stereotype wasn’t that funny when Space Balls did it, and it hasn’t improved with age. I am disappoint.

    I really want this to be awesome and funny, and I’ve liked a lot of Seth Green’s previous stuff. So I’m inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt. But that Leia trailer does not inspire confidence.

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