SDCC: Lucasfilm brings out live snakes, Well of Lost Souls for Indiana Jones Blu-ray

COBRA!!!!!!Lucasfilm will be promoting the upcoming release of the Indiana Jones quadrilogy on Blu-ray by having a recreation of the Well of Lost Souls at Comic-Con, with live snakes. WITH LIVE SNAKES! Talk about a ubercool photo op for fans of the Harrison Ford adventures. or uberscary, if you are an ophidiophobe. Lucasfilm’s snake pit will be located at booth #2913. Those who pre-order the set will also get a $25 gift card to Sideshow Collectibles.

Check out the Indiana Jones Blu-ray trailer at the LA Times Hero Complex. They also report that, in time for the Blu-ray release on September 18, the Indiana Jones and the Adventures of Archeology museum exhibition will be finally hitting the States, starting off in Orange County’s Discovery Science Center (which just recently finished the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition).

No telling whether your photos will also have the tell-tale glass between you and the cobra, but at least you’ll get to say “Snakes? Why did it have to be snakes?”

8 thoughts on “SDCC: Lucasfilm brings out live snakes, Well of Lost Souls for Indiana Jones Blu-ray

  1. jawajames Post author

    i’d hate to see your $500 answer in this category. considering i had a dream about snakes last night that woke me up (even before knowing about the LFL booth), i’m also a little leery, but there will be that glass, right?

  2. Sean

    Wise of them to keep clips from that hated 4th film to a minimum in that trailer. Even people who unabashedly love Luacs’s prequels have a hard time liking Indy 4. I’m still holding out for for 5 though. Spielberg is fully capable of turning the franchise around.

  3. Pabawan

    “Spielberg is fully capable of turning the franchise around.”

    Well, he did it once.

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