Mystery: Lucasfilm registering ‘Star Wars: 1313’ trademark

Well, something is on the horizon, but I’m not even going to begin to guess. Lucasfilm has filed for a trademark application for Star Wars: 1313, and registered various domains utilizing various permutations of Star Wars and the number.

Blastr theorizes it may have something to do with Boba Fett, who uses ‘CT-1313’ as an alias in a 2003 YA novel, but I’m not sold. Or, it could be a video game. (Play me once…)

In fact, all that comes to mind for me is Cleopatra 2525, a silly-awful ’01 syndicated series from the makers of Xena: Warrior Princess that starred a pre-Firefly Gina Torres. And clearly has nothing to do with this outside of a brain full of random pop culture dribblings.

Whatever! It’ll come out soon enough.

4 thoughts on “Mystery: Lucasfilm registering ‘Star Wars: 1313’ trademark

  1. Paula

    Oh no. Now I’m thinking about Boba Fett running around the galaxy with scantily clad warrior princesses….

  2. Paula

    Oh. And do people sit around and watch for Lucasfilm to register things? Aren’t there other things to do in this world?

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