Continuing adventures in HP legal

The case of the Harry Potter Lexicon vs. J.K. Rowling grows more tangled. Fandom Wank is on the case, naturally, and Cleolinda even posts a handy roundup in her personal Livejournal.

The highlight? The publisher updated their website FAQ with a comment comparing the situation to “the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” Classy.

4 thoughts on “Continuing adventures in HP legal

  1. hollywdliz

    Don’t forget RDR’s allegation that WB is conducting a “vast international smear campaign”!!!1!!1! against Steve Vander Ark. VAST, I TELL YOU!

    Oh, HP fandom, never change.

  2. Silly Dan

    If Wookieepedia ever tries anything this stupid, please send someone over to smack some sense into us.

  3. ImperialGirl

    If there were only a way to post a FAIL cat macro….because there is much, much fail in all that…

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