Video: Volkwagen’s ‘The Dog Strikes Back’

VW has posted the extended version of their Game Day commercial. Look for Star Wars about halfway through.

3 thoughts on “Video: Volkwagen’s ‘The Dog Strikes Back’

  1. Doyle

    It is weird. I sort of enjoy either part…the dog bit is a fun little piece of advertising, and the idea of the Cantina patrons watching the Super Bowl is really well done had has a fun kind of Holiday Special vibe…but they’re a little to disparate to be tacked together like that.

  2. Greg

    Lovely recreation of the classic cantina characters . . . it’s a shame we don’t really get to see them and that they feel ham-handedly tacked-on to a totally unrelated commercial. Here’s hoping LFL at least got some nice publicity photos of the redone cantina aliens–I’d like to seem them in more detail.

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