Batshittery fresh from Wookieepedia

Star Wars: Revelations could totally be canon, guys! I’m sure Lucasfilm is breathlessly awaiting your calls.

4 thoughts on “Batshittery fresh from Wookieepedia

  1. Paula

    Someone clearly doesn’t understand the definition of canon.

    Nice way to get coverage for a fanfilm, though.

  2. Jax

    By that logic, does this make some of my fanfiction canon? Because I totally fit some of it neatly into the movie canon!

    Oh, man. Someone missed the whole convention of how fanworks are made by the *fans* and therefore NOT CANON. This person may have also been kicked in the head a few too many times by the class bully as a child, so perhaps we shouldn’t them so harshly for their rampant stupidity. XD

  3. jSarek

    And the best/worst part is, he just keeps on truckin’: “I don’t need hope. Just need obstinacy and determination, no more. Hope for dreamers, determination for fighters.”

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