Off to DragonCon!

Paula and I (as well as a handful of other Jaders) are going to be at Dragon*Con through Labor Day weekend. It’s not a huge con for news like SDCC, so there may not be much blogging, but we will be tweeting as @rosiewook and @clubjade, connection permitting.

I even dug up some of those bracelets we had at Celebration…

This pretty much means that James is in charge. Are you afraid? Be afraid.

James’ edit: We aren’t going to harm you. We only want to help you.

3 thoughts on “Off to DragonCon!

  1. Mark Newbold

    Ahhh, clicked through to the original posting about the bands and I asked then – how does a UK guy get a hold of one of these babies? OR, if you’re at fan days in October, could you keep one by for me (planning on being out there for that)



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