News and views on Tuesday’s FOTJ: Ascension

With Fate of the Jedi: Ascension only days away, it hasn’t been too hard to find hype (both good and bad, of course) about the book on the fansites.

Roqoo Depot interviews author Christie Golden. They discuss the lost tribe, Boba Fett, and even mention our 2010 interview.

Naturally, there are mixed feeling among those who’ve already read the book. Peter Morrison at Lightsaber Rattling says that Golden did a “a great job” with several of the established characters, as well as making Abeloth a more effective villain. Bill Silvia at NJOE was far less impressed, turning out a rather brutal review that claims Ascension is “cheap and hateful… to the very concept of a fandom.” For what it’s worth, both reviews are spoiler-free.

And if you’re hounding for more, Suvudu has a new excerpt, featuring Ben, Vestara, Luke and Jaina.

6 thoughts on “News and views on Tuesday’s FOTJ: Ascension

  1. Doyle

    Wow. The guy at NJOE thought that the book was so awful that he wrote an awful poem about hating it. Why do internet reviewers do things like this to their readership?

  2. Dunc

    That review is like something I’d have written about KJA when I was 16 and hated nothing in the world more than his SW novels.

  3. jedifreac

    Can anyone fill me in on why people say Golden’s portrayal of women is more anti-feminist than any other piece of Star Wars work? I haven’t read her books.

  4. jedifreac

    Though that excerpt about Jaina talking about the power of looooove to redeem people from the dark side pissed me off. Way to try that with Jacen, everyone.

  5. Bardan Jussik

    From what I’ve read so far its a well written book, to be fair its gonna have some drama in it, being the penultimate book of the series but Golden seems to have captured Abeloth rather well. I rather like her descriptions of life on Kesh as well.

  6. Bardan Jussik

    Jedifreac: Just read that bit in the book, in the full context it’s fine (in my opinion anyway) she’s just referencing the fact that though Luke is dubious Vestara can be redeemed through Ben’s affection for her. Luke himself and his father were both brought back to the lightside through the love of family.

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