Hipper than your average gargoyle

Darth Vader on a religious institution? No, the Sith haven’t received tax-exempt status yet, but thanks to an 80’s children’s art competition a carving of the character’s iconic mask has a birds-eye view of Washington D.C. from the Washington National Cathedral.

5 thoughts on “Hipper than your average gargoyle

  1. Annalee Flower Horne

    ha, yup. That one’s pretty old news to the locals, actually. You need binoculars to see him up there.

  2. Cyndi

    This was a “Must-See” when I went to DC years ago. The church has actual maps printed to help you spot him! He’s waaaay up high,-you need binoculars to see him!

  3. jSarek

    I think Ranger Rick magazine reported on this when it first happened . . . I remember reading the brief interview with the kid who did it.

  4. jSarek

    Scratch that; the article mentions it was in National Geographic World. I forgot I even *got* that magazine until my memory was jogged by the article.

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