Would you buy this Her Universe tote bag?

Ashley Eckstein shares a possible new product with us, and is asking for feedback. Would you buy the tote bag in the video? Check it out, then fill out the survey.

12 thoughts on “Would you buy this Her Universe tote bag?

  1. Bahnree

    I LOVE the pattern! I don’t usually buy that style of tote (I like messenger bags or backpacks, generally) but I would consider buying that.

  2. Doyle

    I’m not really the target demographic for this line at all, and the pattern is really kind of cool/attractive, but isn’t the bag itself kind of gigantic? I just mean that, even for a tote, it seems very large. Or is Ms. Eckstein just a smaller person than I figured?

  3. JustinL81

    My wife would recommened a lighter-colored main bag material so the logos are more easily visible. And definitely reduce the size a bit.

  4. carlalute

    I LOVE the pattern, but I’m not sold on the bag. In part that’s because I probably have more bags than I need already, but the only one I might buy in the near future is a new computer/messenger bag….that would be awesome. Same pattern with a computer bag. At cons, I try to travel light, so a smaller bag is more appealing and I like my bags to have a little more structure…however I do LOVE pockets. The more the better. I don’t like the idea of using a string/ribbon to close the bag. It’s awkward and would be the first thing to break. Also I’m a sucker for cute zipper pulls…having one shaped like Republic or Empire symbol would be really cool and could still be subtle.

  5. carlalute

    And…I have a 17″ laptop…so it would double awesome if a computer bag could be adjusted to handle something bigger than 16″….I’ve another artist friend with the same problem finding a bag, since she got a laptop with a larger screen.

  6. Nancy

    I really like several of the SW symbols so I think the pattern is neat. It totally needs a zipper…the ties are perplexing.

  7. Diane

    I’ll head over to the HU site to do the survey there, too. Reaction:
    – Really like the pattern & colors.
    – Prefer something a couple inches shorter & narrower. Love the water bottle pocket, but that’s a big bottle, & its top doesn’t even come up to top of bag. Would want bag to be at least big enough to hold 9″x12″ folder without bending, though.
    – Cannot see the ties ever working for much.
    – Would pay more for a bag with a zipper.

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