Movies still not as good as when we were 8

Mark Beall wants George Lucas and Joss Whedon to redeem themselves. (Plus: Serenity a failure to fans? Huh?) Do you agree? Do you care?

2 thoughts on “Movies still not as good as when we were 8

  1. Padawanroo

    I didn’t like Serenity half as much as I liked Firefly (his original script apparantly included a happy ending– that would have been nice), but it was hardly a ‘failure’ to fans.

    Brett Ratners X3– now THAT was a failure. To everyone. It probably made baby Jesus cry.

  2. bonnie

    ugh. essays like this bug me. Those of us who grew up with Star Wars loved it as a kid differently than we love movies now as adults. George doesn’t have to redeem diddly in my book. As for Sernity being a failure? I think this person either has impossible standards or is just one of those bitter fanboys who wishes he could create a story like Lucas and Whedon. Pssshaw.

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