Yahoo’s Star Wars site to fade out soon

Get ready to say goodbye to, the GFFA outpost founded back to 2007 to… Uh, we’re not sure, exactly. In any case, the URL will redirect to as of December 15, 2009. (via)

8 thoughts on “Yahoo’s Star Wars site to fade out soon

  1. Sarlacc-Pitt

    I actually signed up over there when it first launched. It was cool… for about 3 minutes.

    Yahoo didn’t really seem to care about it at all… as you can see, the main article on the homepage – that’s been there since 2008 – is about seeing the “new” CW trailer… for the movie… from TWO summers ago. LOL! I mean, really… pretty pathetic.

  2. Dunc

    Even the box – which you’d think would be automated – is linking to stuff from 2008. Very odd.

    It took me like a dozen tries to get my profile stuff up, and by the time it worked I had stopped caring. Ahh well.

  3. Mark Newbold

    yeah, that was a case of too much stuff at once. TCW had launched and then this – kind of overkill. Never underrstaood why LFL allowed another site to draw folks away from the official site/blog/blogs.
    Ahhh well, another ideas bites the dust. Anyone remember Homestead..?

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