Wacky merchandise: Darth Vader alarm clock

That image is clearly an illustration, but the concept is still super-creepy.

New for sleepy Star Wars fans of all ages is Sakar’s Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio ($29.99). It’s shaped as an actual replica of Darth Vader’s helmeted head and includes an AM/FM radio, snooze button, full-featured alarm clock with three sound effects to choose from for the alarm, and an audio jack input by which kids can plug in portable devices and run the audio through its speakers. But beware the Dark Side: the time glows red through the Sith Lord’s eyes!

Yes, nothing says up-and-at’em like a disembodied head with glowing numbers for eyes. (via)

6 thoughts on “Wacky merchandise: Darth Vader alarm clock

  1. Mandy

    The *only* thing that could make this creepier is if one of the sound effects is Vader’s respirator breathing. I must have it.

  2. Doyle

    That’d be a pretty apt recreation of my morning ritual.

    Very cool. Cheesy as all get out… but very cool.

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