4 thoughts on “At least someone in comics is trying!

  1. Clark

    I find this ironic, considering that the concept of a vigilante crimefighter wearing a spandex costume with a cape is so ludicrous. Boots add a touch of realism? C’mon, now. There’s a reason for the adjective “comicbooky.”

  2. Dunc Post author

    Rach: Well, the reaction, for one. Though that’s mostly due to people being pissed over Marvel Divas, though.

  3. Doyle

    Well, I’ll give it credit for being more of a realistic design than most. It isn’t one-hundred-percent Sex Kitten at least.

    Clark: Normally I agree with the sentiment you’ve expressed, but Batman seems like a natural exception to me, if only because the cape is such a vital part of creating the image.

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