Wonder Twins Activate!

The WB and UPN to merge, create new network. Veronica Mars and Smallville are expected to survive any resulting shakedown. Hopefully someone can find the courage to finally put Charmed down and give VMars the Sunday slot. I’d totally watch it against Desperate Housewives.

3 thoughts on “Wonder Twins Activate!

  1. Paula

    This would make for much more convenience in my life. Put Veronica Mars on a day I actually remember to watch it!

    As long as they keep Gilmore Girls!

  2. Dunc

    Mack – Thanks. :)

    Paula: Gilmore Girls is one of the WB’s top shows – it’s pretty safe.

    I read something today that the VMars people are pitching the idea of having the show partner with GG on Tuesdays – fantastic idea, better than Sunday. Now that Supernatural has established itself, it’s probably a better match for something like Smallville anyway.

    The only show I’m really worried about is Everwood. But ABC Family is supposed to start showing reruns this year, (part of how GG got such a boost was the reruns) but it might come too late.

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